fernie rodriquez

University of Minnesota

The hidden curriculum is real. I spent too much time attached to the idea that there was a "right" way to approach the dissertation. This stalled me. In addition to everything I was balancing at the time of my coaching session, I was also attached to this idealized "dissertation process" that is actually only afforded to very few individuals, and if I may say so, usually individuals with dominant identities. My dissertation coaching sessions with Aida reminded me that my success and ability to finish relied not on the institution but on the legacy of my grandmothers, my ancestors, and sacrifice of my parents. Aida pushed me to take control of my own process and let go of the ideals that have not and will never be afforded to me.


Tia Williams

Frogtown Neighborhood Association

When we came to Aida with our project, we had the foundation and the goals, nothing in between. Aida helped us flush out ideas with such a gracious and genuine inquiry. She related and supported this project by helping us to narrow down the scope and putting us back on track with reporting. We felt we were a priority to her, it was a delight to work with such a compassionate and professional consultant. Thank You!


Dr. Reba Peoples

Imara Health and Wellness

The You've Got the Grant, Now What: A Blueprint for Successful Grant Management workshop was an amazing overview of the various aspects that one needs to think about administering a grant. Dr. Aida gave a very good summary of considerations such as record management, budgeting and culturally competent evaluation practices. I appreciated the discussion of historical trauma and how that shows up in the grant process. There were also very good specifics related to unique and innovative ways to evaluate and report in ways that are not intrusive or dehumanizing. I would definitely recommend this workshop to others.