fernie rodriquez

University of Minnesota

Aida was critical in helping me get back on track with my writing and approach to my dissertation. She gave me agency to envision my own process and the space to realize that I was being unrealistic in my expectations of myself. Over the course of our time, I re-established norms around my well-being, re-framed how I viewed my writing, and slowly came out of holds of the impostor. After our time, I connected with long-term mental health counseling (Aida helped me realize I needed that support), and I got a handle of my writing schedule. More than anything, Aida helped remind me of why I chose to pursue a PhD. She helped remind me that I was not alone and that my ancestors, my cultural knowledge, and my own ideas and perspectives were valid.


Tia Williams

Frogtown Neighborhood Association

When we came to Aida with our project, we had the foundation and the goals, nothing in between. Aida helped us flush out ideas with such a gracious and genuine inquiry. She related and supported this project by helping us to narrow down the scope and putting us back on track with reporting. We felt we were a priority to her, it was a delight to work with such a compassionate and professional consultant. Thank You!


Camille leigh tinnin

City of St, Paul VISTA Program

Dr. Aida provided an incredible training for City of Saint Paul VISTA Program on Community-Centered Dialogue. Accompanied by Stephanie Chrismon, they crafted and delivered a 3 hour workshop tailored to the needs of our 12 VISTA members, who are all completing a year of service building capacity for organizations working with children and family from birth to age three.

You can tell that Dr. Aida and Stephanie truly cared about our group and had put a lot of time into preparing for the training. The style of workshop allowed me to feel incredibly comfortable in the space and allowed our group to engage in conversations we may not otherwise have had. I hope to have TAINA Coaching and Training run trainings for our VISTA cohort for years to come.