what we know

We know that every organization has its own unique culture, demographics, missions, aspirations and commitment to excellence. We, also, know that systems of dominance, privilege and oppression replicate themselves. This keeps organizations stuck in a cycle of little to no movement forward, and out of fresh ideas.

what we offer

We are known for crafting unique, accessible, and action oriented experiences. Our approach to strategic consulting not only showcases our creativity, but it is delivered with capacity building in mind.

Through our partnerships, we deliver a myriad of equity, diversity and inclusion strategic processes, but not limited to:

  • Staff & faculty recruitment, hiring, and selection processes

  • Equity and Inclusion progress audits

  • Equity, diversity & inclusion think tanks

  • DEI Strategic action visioning and planning

  • Customized climate assessments

  • Review of diversity & inclusion organizational structure

Our interactive approach focuses on engaging you and your community in active dialogues, critical skill building, strengthening equity and inclusion competencies, and moving into action. We provide recommendations based on professional standards, best practices, theoretical and practical application.